Album: TBA (2016)

Song: Rubber Bang (feat. Freestyle Phil)

Bitrate: 320kbps

Plays: 408 - Today: 1

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Town Boy aka Alleged Blacc- MC
Mr. SageBrush - Producer/Backing Vocals
KD Tha Golden Oso aka Dr. Bellaggio - Songwriting/Hype Man

Founded by TB November 2012 after recruiting Mr. SageBrush (ex 5 Acres of Fear) for production, songwriting, and backing vox. A brief stint by DJ Racha on production/turntables happened in 2013/14, and full time contributor KD Tha Golden Oso joined on in 2013. MUDHIR dropped 4 self released records in less than a year and a half, as well as a mixtape. MUDHIR PRESENTS: 9am is due early 2015, as is Mr. SageBrush's solo debut "The Nihilist" and his compilation record "Decade of Disillusion".

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